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New York State unemployment when fired for misconduct

i was fired from my job, based on a phone call made to my boss from one of our recent customers which happened to be someone from my past that didnt like me personally. she wanted to see me get fired once she found out that i worked there. so she deceided to call my boss and make up lies - saying things like i looked at her files and got her personal information and called her and threatened her. i have had her phone number from past issues with her and i knew her phone number before she even became a customer. so i dont know why she would be stupid enough to say that to try to get me fired. but anyways, so after the phone call my boss got from her he took me into his office and told me he has to let me go based on what this woman told him. I immediately told him that none of it is true, and she is trying to get me fired. i also told him i had her phone number before i even knew she was a customer. he said in these exact words -"well i dont know what to tell you, i hope it isnt true cause this will cause problems for me." i kept asking him how he could believe thisa woman, and why he even would believe her with no proof. he had no proof at all that any of this was true. he just based his descision on what some lady who used our services one time called and told him. NO PROOF AT ALL ANY OF IT WAS TRUE. so i asked him before i left,
do you believe everything people say? anyone can call the office and say anything they want and make up any story.

----- ok so after explaining my situation, my question for you is that, do you think i have the right to collect unemployment or win in the employer challenging me collecting benefits? my employer challenged the claim by saying i violated company policy by taking personal information from a file that i had access to. "there was no proof of any of this. and i knew this womans phone number from past issues with an ex-boyfriend before i even knew she was a customer."

--well i hope you can help me out and answer my question. i was so mad when they fired me because of a 'he said she said' with no proof at all, just on the words of some crazy lady the boss had never met. now i am even more pissed that they are challenging my unemployment. they had no proof of anything she said, and i have never ever had any problems since i started there with anyone, the boss loved me. i personally think he was trying to find reasons to fire people because the business is slow - he recently cut some of the employees hours that where paid hourly because it was slow, but he couldnt cut mine because i was salary, so i feel this was his way of cutting staff. (plus i was one of the well paid ones there.). anyways i can keep going and going lol. get back to me as soon as you can i would REALLY appreciate it! thanks for your time ;)


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