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new york Unemployment Benefits- What should you do when your employer changes his story and now says you aren't fired?

by briannne
(watertown ny )

ok my boss had told me over the phone that I was fired. I went to talk to him today and once again he told me I was fired. The minute I stated I had went and applied for unemployment he said he would call me later to let me know what was going on.

He said I was gonna have problems filing for unemployment because I still have a job even though he told me twice I was fired and I already started to apply please let me know what I can do.

Hi Brianne,

HMNMM. If the employer told you that you weren't fired .. why aren't you working?

That's my first question.

The rest as to what you should do is explain these facts to the state during your interview. Write your dates and facts down so you can be concise and factual when you do have the interview. What else can you do?

Since your boss says you are not fired ..maybe you should call tomorrow and find out when you should come back to work .. the more phone calls to document .. all the better for you. A witness to the phone call might not hurt.

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