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new york-job being outsourced - Where did the information about good cause for quitting go?

by steve
(new york)

I wrote to you on 3/13/09 regaurding my situation at a hospital. They are about to outsource to an outside company meaning I will no longer be employed through the hospital, resulting in a pay cut, and no more medical benifits, 403b plan,less vacation time. I want to quit but dont know whether I will lose my unemployment benifits. You sent me some good information regarding fringe benifits as a possible reason to justify good cause for unemployment. But when I try to download, the information is no longer there. It says no such url. C ould you please send me that information again. I will print it out for my safekeeping. Thanks again.

Hi Steve,

I do believe this is my fault. I created a page specifically for New York unemployment questions and moved your submission there.

Here's the link to that page which has the link to the information you want.

Sorry about that...I'm technically challenged. Let me know if have any trouble with the link above.


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