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No Call No Show...But I called...Three times!

by Jenn

I am preparing for a "no call no show" hearing. I have my phone logs but would like to know what other evidence would help. When I received my file copy I was baffled to see that was their reason. I called three times before my scheduled start time twice I talked to a room supervisor because my boss had not yet come in and once to my boss. (He was over an hour late that night) While on the phone with my boss I did not lie about why I wouldn't be in, I told him that I had been up all day running errands (I do physical work on third shift) and other personal affairs and needed to call off but if need be that I would use a vacation day. What lies can I prepare for from the employer? What evidence can I anticipate? I want to be as prepared as possible and any prep you could offer would be wonderful.


I think you are on the right track with your phone logs showing the number you called and possibly, the duration of the calls.

And then testify as to what happened during your termination .. which is something you didn't relate and could still come out during the hearing.

Were you previously warned and written up about attendance issues?

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