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Non Payment of Unemployment Benefits Due to issue Not Resolved in Indiana

by Thomas


I have received unemployment benefits from the State of Indiana for 4 weeks. I have filed the vouchers the same until this week. I have had no issues.

Now it says I have a issue not resolved. I have tried calling multiple times and I just don't know what to do. Any advice is appreciated.

I filed due to COVID and being furloughed. Will I be contacted? Thank you.

Hi Thomas,

I don't really have what I would call advice to give, but I may be able to explain what I think should happen given I know a bit about all states general claim processing process.

Yes, I think you should be contacted by the State of Indiana and the reason is, they told you in some way, that you have an UNRESOLVED ISSUE and in fact, what all unemployment insurance departments do in this country is resolve issues connected to unemployment law.

A lack of work claim (what being furloughed means) is easily resolved for the state when an employer responds to the "Notice of Claim Filed" in like with what the claimant told the state when applying for benefits .. that the cause for separation is a lack of work, as opposed to the employee, or employer ending a job via a quit for good cause, or a discharge form misconduct.

However, having said this to you .. and many other over the last two weeks in the same boat, and taking into account you say you've received benefits for the last four weeks .. I'm at a loss to explain what the unresolved issue might be, other than an employer responding with something other than a "lack of work" late, to the notice of claim filed, or you somehow creating a conditional eligibility issue for yourself that the state now has to resolve, I really have nothing else to say .. until you get a determination .. and can basically recite it here .. word for word .. minus any personally identifying information.

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