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north carolina - Quitting due to mental health issues, but religious beliefs prohibit seeing a doctor.

by Anonymous

My sister quit her job because she was having problems . She was hearing voices and sleeping on the time to make them stop. She thought there were people talking about her and watching her on the job and at home.

I'm trying to help her file for unemployment because she cannot work under these circumstance although she has worked for years and enjoys working with children. The problem is that her religion prohibits going to the doctor so she has no proof of why she quit. Can she get unemployment?

Hi Anonymous,

It doesn't sound like a good scenario for getting benefit for a voluntary quit because her religion has basically put her between a rock and a hard place .. or anyone who suffers from something that is sounding like schizophrenia of some sort that needs to be controlled with medication to make her able .. and available to work anywhere.

Wouldn't the voices just follow her?

First, I think you will see the problem when you read this page of the NC statutes.

Your challenge helping your sister doesn't lie in the actual reason (mental health issue) that caused her to quit, but her lack of effort to do anything that can be interpreted as seeking to preserve the last employment, or what might make her capable of doing any job.

The first alternative to quitting, at least to my way of thinking would be to be reasonable and seek out professional mental health just to fulfill the requirement of NC UI law.

Barring that, it might of included asking for a personal leave from work to see if being away from the work environment itself miraculously, resolved her mental health issues.

And I'm guessing you know if things are as bad as you say .. it wouldn't, let alone make her able and available to work with children again,

(Can you hear me gasp at the thought?)

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