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Not being paid wages

by Willie

I was not paid on an agreed time. It was supposed to be on Friday's, and was not received at all.

I was told that I could have a cash advancement, but when I tried to collect the advancement, I was told that there was not any money in the advancement.
When I asked why there was not any money, I was told that 'the company would pay me when and how much it(the company) wanted, regaudless of what I was owed" and that I should be thankful that I had a job.
Will I be able to collect unemployment benefits in the state of Maine?


All I can tell you is that if it were me .. I would not quit until I was aware of Maine's labor laws .. and I would in fact wait and see if a wage complaint is possible. This instead of quitting .. because I've read unemployment decisions denying someone for not making that "reasonable" effort to preserve their job before they quit .. that a wage complain is considered to be .. an effort to preserve the employment.

Check Maine's Labor Website

Looks to me like your employer may have 16 days, but they also have a link on the right to ask an expert.

You should use it.

By the way .. I didn't miss the fact that your employer told you that you should be grateful for the job .. even though they couldn't pay you .. seems to me they got that turned around.

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