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not being payed correctly repeatedly( they will leave several hundred off of my check and have been doing so for the majority of the last 6 months)

We clock in and out via a phone punch system and they will move hours around in a given week(worked hours) so that they wont have to pay overtime and will completely leave off portions of my check due to their own mistake and I dont receive reimbursement until the next check, 2 weeks later. I did not receive my insurance info for 3 months after I had been enrolled, and the list goes on and on...


Do not quit yet. I think you should contact an attorney .. or at the very least check you state department of labor to first find out if the employer is in non-compliance of the state laws of the FLSA for paying wages.

If a state doesn't have specific rules or no state complaint process .. such as Florida, the FLSA will be the authority I think.

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