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not disclosing I spent the night in jail for simple assault, I work for Wal Mart.

by Roger
(North Myrtle Beach, SC USA)

I have a delinquent 14-year old son. He was caught by the police drunk and damaged someone's property. I had had it with him. He lunged at me to hit me, I hit him first in the nose with my fist. When the police came (because of his damaging some property), they arrested me because I had hit him. I spent the night in jail. I received a misdemeanor and time served. I didn't tell my employer because I had no idea I was supposed to tell Wal mart I was arrested. Two weeks later they fired me because asset control happenned to be in the court when I went before the judge. They were there on an unrelated case.

If it wasn't work related misconduct .. you should appeal.

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