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not eligible code 1256 not properly notifying employer of absence

by Leona
(Vallejo, Ca. USA)

I was fired after taking a day to go to a scheduled court date. I was not able to request the day off in writing becaause when I was notified of the date the schedule for was already posted. I did speak with the supervisor on duty that day and the two of us tried to find coverage for my shift. That was a Saturday and my court date was the folling Monday. We were not able to find any coverage so my supervisor said that he would notify the supervisor for Monday morning that I would not be in and the reason why. He infact did so, but my employer says that that was not notification. Do you think I will win my appeal?


I have answered this question already.

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Jun 26, 2012
Involuntary terminated for co policy selling tobacco to minor in ca
by: theresa

I followed co policy I asked how old?? I was told decoys cant lie to you?? she stated 18 yrs old I viewed her C.A. I.D. Card I beleive it stated she was 18 yrs of age.. I then sold the young women the tobacco. she left the store .. About 2hrs 5 min later 2 older women came into the store asked my co-workes was she the cashier that sold to a minor?? They Were both in the store prior with the decoy ?? How Could they not know who did this ?? one of the women Approached me and was asking me about a photo copy of a CA I.D That Looked Like the decoy ??I could not be 100% I stated It Sort Of Looked Like Her ?? I then called the store manager to notify him ?? Of The pending violation there where 2 violations for the corporation... the manager then talked to the officer ??then when I got on the phone with him he stated WTF ???? Was I thinking. I was already upset?? I been there almost 6 yrs only 1 write up!!!I asked him before our phone call was over ???This was at around 8:50 p.m. maybe ??? Am I suspended ?? He said no go ahead and close at 10:00 P.m. and I was scheduled to be there at 5:00a.m. he was going to sleep in ???I finished my shift & returned the next day as scheduled ..Then he came to work around 6a.m ?maybe later ?? I said am I suspended he said no he couldnt reacj our zone manaager??? so work until he heard from her about maybe less than an hour later she called & said send me home ??? and he told me clock out & go home he would call me later with ???pending info???never received a calll I then called him he stated that corporate is undecided ?? about what should happen??? he then called me & said that my zone wanted to meet with me on sat???I agreed to be there @ 2:00p.m I new I was fired !! the corp office need 2 days to get final check to store??? Im so distraught that I lost my appeal but I was unprepared,no legal coulsel against a multi billion dollar major corporation ?? The Company always had a bad habbit of pushing everyone over the limits ??I was also am assistant manager that was made to drive almost 60 miles a day round trip for over 3 months while they closed our store do to unsafe conditions ?the roof caving In !!! we where always afraid of losing our job's on a daily basis!!! our HR dept was ran by the owner of or corp wife & family ??? we just kept our mouths shut and took what they gave us??? I was told by one zone if I dont want to drive the 60 miles I can find another Job??? what do I do Im in chico california???Depleated All My Savings paing bills & im in a panic help please or refer me to someone localy that can help me ...
Thank you

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