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not having a lockout lock while on one hand light duty?

by Joey
(burbank, ill US)

Hi i really need someones help and advice. Couple of months ago i was injured at work, i am an cutoff operator and quality assurance specialist, i was injured taking destructive tests while my thumb got caught between a tube and an cage opening for a hydraulic press.The company makes welded tubing mostly for the auto industry so i am too make sure that the customer gets what he/she ordered and make sure that the welds are good so basically i have to smash them. I was off work for about a month and a half when i still had major pain there insurance company and there doctor took me off my medication and gave me ibuprofin and forced me back too work on light duty. While it being my first week back i was manditory'd to work overtime on a saturday, they gave me written reprimand for getting injured even though i signed that i disagree with it. Now they just tried to give me another reprimand for not having a lock for they're lockout tag out program, i don't know but to me it seems like this place is out to get me. I refused to sign it so they suspended me until today when i was discharged. First of all i'm not in need of a lock rite now because i'm on one hand light duty second of all i was not caught breaking a safety violation i was not working on any machines at the time third of all i recently came back to work off of layoff and was not issued back another lock for the lockout tag out program even though i asked my supervisor to give me one back in august when i returned. Please anyone with any thought's, advice please.

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