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not making enough hours or getting a raise for obtaining training for my skill level .. I'm going to quit and go back to school full-time.

by Nathaniel

In the past 3 to 4 months i have been making less hours at my job, wich i get paid on flat rate and there has been no work coming in. i have been getting paid for like 3 hours a day and me being there for my 8 hour shift. i understand i get paid only for the job i do but my job is not bringing in work for me to make my 8 hours. Another issue i have i took all my training for the job i do as a technician and have not recived a raised for any of the classes i took. So i have decided to quit to go back to school full time.

Hi Nathaniel,

Then I would suspect that you will have to find another job to support yourself while attending school full-time .. because that alone will disqaulify you from unemployment benefits.

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