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Not making sales goals and credit card goals

by Lilly

The company I work for seem to think you can still make the same goals as in prior years. We are in a recession they are down by 50% total earnings in area I am working in. I work at nite and it is very slow. I have never been written up after being in industry for 9 yrs but now I am.

Hi Lilly,

You need to protect yourself because the employer would not try to prove poor performance, but neglect of duties and the tool they use especially for someone in your situation is past performance reviews that said you were doing a good job. Ironic, but true.

I suggest that anytime an employer writes a person up that they be sure to write a rebuttal response to the write-up and ask the employer to add it to your personnel file as your response to the write-up.

It is common practice for employers to do what you are experiencing for any number of reasons, but if you respond it does a couple of things. It will show the flaws in the employers logic and also provide documentation that you can use...should it come to a point where you need it. Believe me, you'll want to keep a copy for your records, because claimants very often have to subpoena documents that are not helpful to the employer.

If your employer decides to pursue this course of action I believe it would not be difficult for you to get unemployment, but by formalizing your response you'll be ahead of the game. Which I think is what every "employee" needs to always keep in mind when they are relying on someone other than themselves for a living. We need to be our own advocates...especially in a down economy. The alternative is to behave like a victim...and that is not an appealing least I don't think so.

I hope things pick up for you soon Lilly.


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