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not meeting job expectations?

by Anonymous

I overlooked an email which was required to negotiate a contract. This email was a request to increase the funding for a certain project. Since I missed this email, the overall result was a project that was under budgeted and the other party is not willing to re-negotiate terms of the agreement. I met with my manager to discuss this issue, and he was upset with this and said that I've been making mistakes in the past. He also questioned whether if this job is really for me or not. Ever since then, we've been meeting on a daily basis and he has been auditing my work/micromanaging me to the point where he wants to see all the work I'm doing (including emails before it's sent out). This is getting progressively worse as each day passes and it might be a sign of termination. Our company policy states that a written notice must be given prior to termination. I have a feeling that I might be let go. The workload has increased substantially overtime and I notice that I'm having a hard time keeping up with the work that is going on.

My question is, can you collect unemployment benefits if you have been terminated from your position due to not meeting job expectations/poor performance? I am in the state of California.

Hi Anonymous,

Well, it really depends Anonymous.

Your situation involves the element of neglect of duties.

I could go on and on again about how inability is not misconduct, and neglect may be, but I think you should first read the California unemployment eligibility guide.

Specifically I think you should click "misconduct" and read MC5, MC300 and MC310 and anything else that appears relative to your situation.

Then if you still have a question ..

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