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not meeting job requirements?

by Pedro
(Tampa, FL, US)

I was fired and was told that I did not meet job requirements. Three weeks prior to being let go, I was told that I didn't meet the requirements of the job and that I needed to come up with an action plan to meet them (I was verbally told what I was not doing correctly-not the actual requirements). I submitted two iterations of an action plan (both were denied by my boss) and then 1 week before I was let go, my boss submitted to me what she thought my action plan should have been. Upon finishing my project three days early, I was released. It was also three days before the final date I was given to finish my action plan. I learned I was not laid off but that I was fired (unemployment office told me this).

Background details: I was not given job requirements upon starting the job, nor was I interviewed for the job. I was not hired based on my resume either (my boss openly told me she didn't even review it before I accepted to move over from another internal department).

Hi Pedro,

Why would you think you were laid off?

Is that what you told the unemployment department?

I've answered many questions about poor job performance and have gone into detail about the difference between an inability to do the job which is not misconduct and neglect of duties which employers also call poor performance.

You need to explain to the state why the employer's reasons for firing you were not misconduct.

Possibly their expectations were unreasonable.

You were unable to attain unrealistic set goals of the employer.

Maybe .. the fact that you completed your last project 3 days ahead of schedule and the employer still fired you????

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Additional requested information
by: Anonymous

I received a severance package and yes, that is what I told the unemployment office when I was applying for unemployment.

Well I guess you'll just have to explain to the unemployment department that you assumed you were laid off because you received a severance package, but address the issues which you know the employer fired you for.

Inability to perform is not misconduct .. neglect of duties is.

Employer's don't often give employees they fire for misconduct, severance packages.

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