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not meeting sales quotas

by Anonymous

I have worked at my company for the past 3 years. I was recently "discharged" for failure to meet sales quotas. I was given warnings-the past few months-but no matter how hard I worked I was unable to sell enough to meet my quota. I live and work in California. What do you think about my chances for getting unemployment benefits?

Hi Anonymous,

I answer this kind of question all the time. I try to address it from a slightly different persepctive each time .. in case anyone cares to read questions first ..

First and mind you, this is only based upon what you said .. I say your chances aren't bad at all, but I'll also tell you that it may require an appeal on your part or possibly be appealed by the employer if you do prevail initially.

Let's face it, "economic conditions" have a big impact on "sale quotas". This is a fairly tough one for an employer to come out the other end of the process as a winner. Primarily, because it's tough to prove "misconduct". This wouldn't be a problem if the employer can prove your quotas are down because of some sort of neglect on your part.

And this is just what they try to do .. all the time, by saying you had control over attaining the goals. This is an argument that is met with less resistance in good economic times and nowadays for the rare business that is thriving.

I noticed one of the nightly news shows has started a short series on "The economic family tree" or some dumb shit that every average American worker is fully aware of already.

It often times amazes me that we can be captivated by a new twist on matters of basic common sense .. and they call it news.

I also apologize for the cynicism I noticed as I looked back over my response .. I usually try to keep a plug in it because I honestly wish everyone the best .. Please come back and let me know how it goes. I like getting good news from a visitor every once in a while.

Good Luck


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