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Not passing the series 6 exam after two attempts?

by Jamie

I started at a company with a group of about 9 people. Every other person received there books and study material weeks before we started working. My books and study material did not come in until a month after we started work. The company fully terminated after failing the test the second time. Industry standard is 3 tests and I offered to pay for it myself. I was initially denied and filed for appeal.

I believe my best chance is informing them that I received my study material almost two months after the others hired with me. Any tips?

Hi Jamie,

And receiving the study material a month after everyone else is what caused the "inability to pass the test"???

Question, how much time passed in between the first and second time you took the test?

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Time frame
by: Jamie

I took it the first time two weeks after receiving my books and study material and failed, then failed again 30 days later. Basically others had a much longer period to study than I did.

Then that's what you've got to work with. The advantage that others were given, but not you.

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