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not really fired - quit instead of fired - Quit or be fired - Ohio

by Mark

Conflict in company policy is what was put down upon my leaving. I supervise direct care staff in an assisted living home. I would not follow through with policies that I felt were unfair concerning my staff. I was given the option of quitting or being fired. Being put on this spot, I chose to quit.

Hi Mark,

When a person is told they may quit, but if they don't they will be fired. The state, for unemployment purposes, view this as a discharge.

Whether you will get unemployment or not will basically depend on whether the policy you refused to enforce was legal or unreasonable. It will be the states call. An employer cannot expect to win if it required you to do something illegal .. the unreasonable element would be tougher to prove.

Either way it goes .. it's the type of situation that often winds up in front of a hearing officer.

Out of curiosity .. what was the policy?

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