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not showing up to work or needing to go to rehab

by nima vahdati

i need to take the time to go to rehab. my employer makes me work 6 days a week and even on my day "off" he is calling me and asking me to do things.

i am a live-in apartment manager. i get no privacy, i feel like i work 24 /7
any moment day or night late night, early morning im having to answer phones, fix things. .. my apartment is like a 24 hour convenient store. i have no peace -- i was hired on as a manager. my contract reads that all i need to do is collect rent and change a light bulb but i end up doing all the maintenance and all the move-ins and move outs, keeping up the lawn.

my rent is free and some of my utilities are paid for. i receive $500 every 2 weeks but for the longest time i had to hire people to help me with the repairs, painting, mowing and etc.. and jpay out of pocket. i want to go to rehab and start school. i'm a single dad with a 13 year old and my ex refuses to pay child support even after the court orders. i need to find a way to get of this job .. the neighborhood is horrible . how can i make them lay me off or fire me so i can receive govt support till i finish a 9 month course and find another job

Sorry, I refuse to answer questions which so blatantly, make clear your objective.

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