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not showing up to work.

by Anonymous

ive been working with the bank for about two years and 5 months. when i started i was a teller and i worked really good. after about a year i was promoted to the sales side of the bank. ive been late a couple times since then and i didnt show up twice, both good reasons. i am now being fired for the last time that i didnt show up. am i still able to get unemployment? i also have a small part time job that i work like 5 hours a week at.should i keep that job or will it lessen my chances of getting UI.?


You didn't give me enough details to form an opinion. You only provided information to make me ask questions.

1. You did not state the reasons for the absences or tardies. You just said they were good reasons.

2. You did not tell me if you properly reported all absences and tardies per policy.

3. You did not tell me what the emloyer's attendance policy is.

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