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not signing a form acknowleging an employer rule.

by Anonymous

I got a new job an things were going fine until several other employees were involved in a fight.

In response, a form was developed by the employer. The form stated that employees would refrain from swearing, fighting and sexual harassment.

We were told if we did not sign the form we would be fired. I did not want to sign, said these things were ridiculous and common sense. My supervisor told me "sign it or you are fired" I did not wish to sign, so I was fired. There was no discussion or disagreement between myself and the employer- just the signing of the form.

The bottom of the form has a disclaimer which says this is not a contract, simply a "pledge"

Do I have any recourse?

Yes, you can be fired for this and most likely with good cause.

Signing is an acknowledgment that the employee was made aware of the rule. It's how employers are able to prove employees were made aware of the rule. Failing to sign is an act of insubordination to a reasonable request by the employer.

Recourse? You can file a claim for unemployment benefits, but I would not hold out much hope of getting them.

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