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not signing a noncompete contract.

I worked at a telemarketing company for 16 years....they presented me with a contract on friday at 3 and said i must sign it right away, I said i wanted to talk to a lawyer they said fine I have till monday 8am (martin luther king day) to sign, I came in they asked if i had a chance to talk to an attorney i said no. They said you have to sign, I said no. They sent me home then called me 2 hours later to fire me. Can I collect unemployment, I averaged 150,000 per year.


What state are you located in. I have read a state precedent decision .. I think it was Michigan that considers a non-compete being signed as a "substantial change" to the "conditions of employment" as good cause to quit .. therefore, I have a very hard time believing that any state would consider asking the employer for time to first consult with an attorney before signing .. misconduct.

Especially when you have one business day .. which is a holiday to boot to get it done.

Sounds unreasonable to me.

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