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Not sure if this would be a good reason to quit or not

by Julie
(Toledo, Ohio)

I am in Ohio and I haven't quit yet, but I am seriously thinking about it. I am exposed to paint and exhaust fumes almost daily and I am having a very hard time breathing while I am at work. Also, the employer is not following the Dept. of Labor as far as prevailing wage on certain jobs. They are also taking things from peoples homes before they handle their estate sales. Which is a big no no on her contract for either party to do. I only know this because other employees told me. She keeps me totally stressed out because she is and she has me handling her personal medical bill issues. I need to know the steps I need to take so I can collect if I do decide to quit.


Medical documentation regarding the fumes stating they are the cause of your breathing problems and then the employer must be allowed an opportunity to correct it.

The no-nos sound like things you can't prove and can only speak to with hearsay .. you have no first hand knowledge.

Except for maybe the prevailing wage thing and for that you need to contact the DOL wage and hour division and report it .. if it's illegal and if it affects you.

In the interim .. acquaint yourself with this.

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