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Not Sure what is going on?

by Honeygirlz

My boss was very abusive to me and I was forced out of my job. I was told by boss that I did not have the skills to do the job so he extended my six month probation period adding 90 more days during the whole time I was told I did not have the skill set to do the job now my 90 days are up in a month and he told me that If I did not turn in my resignation I would be terminated at the end of my probation period so knowing that I needed documentation I repeated what he had stated in an email and sent to him he responded by saying he made a mistake by saying I would be fired blah..blah you get the picture! however it was too late I had already turned in my resignation at that point. I kept the emails...What are my chances of receiving unemployment? Also I am in Arizona and to make matters worse, I work for the State also...

Hi Honeygirlz,

You quit and what I would want to know is .. what did your resignation letter state as the reason you quit.

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May 25, 2010
by: honeygirlz

My resignation just stated that I was quiting and gave two weeks notice. I did not add anything else because it would be added to my personnel record and I would like to get another State Job at some point also if i was fired from the State I would not be able to be rehired for any position. However I did keep the emails from my boss and also will be receiving a final evaluation next week "I know it will be negative" I can write a response to the evaluation for every score. Question, should I write a response? and if so, should it be in defense of myself?

Well of course it should be in defense .. otherwise it would appear to be misconduct .. or maybe just "inability".

But you keep ignoring the fact that you quit .. so all you have to prove to get unemployment is that you had good cause to quit .. not that you weren't guilty of misconduct.

Get it?

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