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Not Understanding the rules for comp time, now my employer has pressed charges against me.

by Shannon
(Hanover, PA )

I was fired for filling out extra compensation sheets for extra hours that I worked. My direct supervisor signed a blank sheet and I made copies of the sheet and filled them out for 6 months claiming my legit hours. I was fired because I was told there is no such thing as comp time and I was never told that. The funny thing is that they said something to me 3 days before they announced the plant closing. I lost 15 weeks of severance pay, probably unemployment, and now I need to pay back each and every penny of the comp time. They also pressed charges against me. What the heck am I supposed to do. As I stated, I did this for 6 month figuring it was ok because nobody said anything to me. Please help


I have no idea what comp time is...unless it's PTO or paid time off.

Since you said the employer has pressed charges against you....I don't understand why you haven't contacted an attorney yet? An employer usually only presses charges if they are able to prove something. Whether guilty or not, you need a lawyer.

Seems to me..right now getting unemployment is the least of your worries.

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