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Notice of getting laid off in two months, what to do and how to prepare?

by Sara
(Longwood, FL)

My company notified me last Friday, Jan 8th 2010, that as of March 31 2010, I would no longer be employed by them and that my service with them would be terminated. They are doing this to "consolidate" my department to another area. They say my position will be available for me to apply for but is not guaranteed to get, plus it is over 2 1/2 hours one way. What I would like to know is what can I do to ensure my unemployment benefits and what I can do to prepare to file? I have done much research but I really haven't found any specific advice, like should I still perform at 100% as if nothing happened and just wait until they tell me it's over? Or is there other things I can do to help the unemployment compensation process when I'm ready to file? Or can I even contact the unemployment office and advise them of my situation to see if they can help find me another job before the end of my term date? I have never filed for unemployment before but it looks like I might have to with how slim the job postings are. Also if I apply for jobs but they tell me I'm "over qualified" will that count against me when I file for compensation? Thank you for your time and information in advance and hope you have a great day!

Hi Sara,

If a person is laid off, there is no question that it is a lack of work claim due to your job being eliminated unless .. the employer starts talking about "applying for a job" in order to keep working.

This provides a possible protest that yoou refused suitable work.

Suitable work is based on what you did before or prior experience, how much you were paid, how far away the work is from where you live, etc.

My question is do you now have to work 2.5 hours away?

Yes, you should keep performing at 100 percent .. no reason to provide the employer a reason to fire you before the lay off.

The search for a job is not a requirement the state might keep tabs on until you file the claim.

Refusal of suitable work only applies if work is offered. Anyone can access the bank of jobs .. you do not have to be unemployed.

If you take a job before your layoff date .. be very sure you think it will work out for you because taking another job in Florida is not good cause for quitting and that's what the separation would be then, a quit, instead of a layoff.

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