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Notice of Overpayment Due I need to repay?

by scott

Received notice of overpayment,

Stating: "benefits were paid before it was known that you qualified for a regular claim in another state.
your extended benefit claim was cancelled" well I had a regular claim in California 12/05/2008 worked
as a contractor in Colorado 02/2009-04/2009 refiled for regular claim 04/2009 in California. regular claim
expired, then filed for 1st extension in California, told them on both claims about the contract
in Colorado, in Dec 2009 was told by edd (California unemployment) they were cancelling my claim due to the
Colorado contract, they told me to file "combined interstate claim" with Colorado, and that it was there mistake and
I was not responsible for any overpayment, now I guess they are running out of funds,and coming after what they
say is overpayment. There was no Fraud on my part all information was stated correctly,I'm currently receiving unemployment
from Colorado, however it's less than the California claim where I worked a direct job. I've been looking for new employment
all this time and am not trying to use the system (it's barely pays for bills, let alone home, food, etc.)


If you disagree with the overpayment determination you need to appeal it or yes, you will need to repay.

I honestly can't tell what exactly is going on from the information you provided .. doesn't make much sense, does it?

But the bottom line is that you need to appeal to even stand a chance of not repaying.

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Sep 28, 2010
State Incompetence - Now they want me to repay the benefits
by: Anonymous

I too am a repondant of the Colorado letter of, (I want the money that was paid to you back scheme. I Tried to go thru Az. where I reside at this time and was told that I needed to go thru Colorado where i worked for 4 months. I then went thru Colorado and they told me that I had money to draw from so I collected for almost a year. Now they want the money that I was given that barell paid mu bills back. It comes to a little over $16,000.00. I DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY. I have been appealing this now for almost 6 mounths. When will it go away, it wasn't my decision to draw from Colorado it was theirs, I don't have the power to tell any state to pay me unemployment. State have the power to see where you need to draw from and I believe Colorado needs to look real hard and if it is AZ. that I was to be drawing from then they need to go after them and not me. I dont have the money to spend on lawyers or take the time off to go to court because of their INCOMPETENCE.

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