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ny unemployment extension

I recently stopped getting my benefits in NY as my 73 weeks are up. If the new legislation is passed, will I be getting 99 weeks in total? My 1st (Original Claim) was 2/2/09? Thanks for your input.


Honestly, I think you're going to be sorry you asked me a question about extensions.

I don't know. Only those in states with the highest unemployment rates have provided 99 weeks of unemployment. Was NY one of them that was collecting 99 weeks of benefits.

I do understand the need for another extension, but I also do not believe "just" another extension will do much good to solve the problem of NO JOBS.

It has been my thought all along that if you are willing to pay people billions of dollar in unemployment extensions for years on end now .. you might want to think about eliminating some of the restrictions that are placed on them to remain eligible to collect, by broadening the opportunity for them to make money in other ways than just taking that eight dollar an hour job that use to pay 14 ph.

Basically, business and congress believe that gaming the system not only consists of outright fraud nowadays, but an ungrateful attitude to walk back down the stairs willingly .. no matter how long we worked at climbing the stairs in the first place .. just to start climbing the stairs again.

I can see both sides .. One side is worried about deserting us in our time of need, but considering there is one job for every 5-7 unemployed people .. depending on where one lives .. the other side disagrees that solving the problem will come from taxing and regulating business to death .. to the point they can't or won't create jobs.

But it is the unemployed and even the overworked employed that are caught in the middle with their hands and feet tied. I think there is a lot of hope to be found if only .. they would untie themselves from what they believe to be their limitations.

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