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NYS - I quit my job as I was being suspended

NYS - I quit my job as I was being suspended

I have been at this recent job since June '09. I left a job after 11 yrs to take this job at less pay but better hours for my kids (my choice). I have had no problems at this job until about 4 months ago when a new supervisor came to that dept. Things were fine for awhile, however over the last 2 months I have been written up on an average of every 2-3 weeks. She is not truthful in some things she says which I can prove. And after every write up, either by calling me at home that night or in person the next day, she would apologize to me. One time even asking me for a hug!! We both have very strong personalities and we liked each other as people but clashed at times at work. I do take responsibility on my part, but let it be known I was not the only one having problems with her.After the last write up I asked for a "skip level meeting" (this is where everyone under that supervisor meets with management without our direct supervisor present. I was told they do not do that. They did however bring in an individual within the company but not known to any of us to speak with each employee individally under her supervision. This was approx 3-4 wks ago. Well for Christmas we decorated our work stations for the holidays... I named mine "The 2010 Christmas
Pod of Positive Thinking". And wrote positive quotes and sayings on index cards and hung them in my work station. I also had a flyer from our EAP (employee assist program) that had Positive Thinking printed on it hanging in my work station. 3 days later I was being suspended for using EAP flyers inappropriatly as people in our office may be using this service and maybe offended. And this suspension could have been a termination, but they were giving me a few days to think about what took place. I was floored. I was asked to sign the write up, and at that time I gave my 2 week notice. Also let it be known I asked for copies of my previous writes prior to this day and was told they were not processed and filed yet. The following day my HR person called and said they were going yo pay out my two week notice and pay me for the unused vacation days and felt it would be better I did not come back to the office. I have never been suspended or fired from a job and I have worked since I was 15 yrs old, I am now 42. If i got fired from my job or if I did not give a 2 week notice I would not be entitled to my 77 hrs of vacation pay. And I truly felt if I did not quit when I did I would have been fired shortly.

Please see Quitting in anticipation of discharge. (1610)

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