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NYS unemplyment- What do I do if I missed claiming my benefits one week and have they passed another unemployment extension yet?

by Jessica
(Selden, NY US)

I currently have unemployment benefits and I claim my benefits every Sunday. I thought I claimed them 2 Sundays ago but apparently I did not. Am I able to go back and claim benefits for that week that has already passed?

Also, is it true that unemployment is being extended again- and for how long?

Hi Jessica,

It's high doubtful you will be able to go back and claim for the weeks you missed and get them .. because you did not claim "timely" .. and your reason "forgot" would not be good cause for the untimelness.

The bill to pass another 13 week unemployment extension for states with high unemployment?? has passed the house, but the senate is holding it up. Read more on Open Congress.

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Sep 17, 2019
Person answering has no clue
by: Sissy Kilburn

This is what it states on the NYS unemployment website: You can request credit for a period of time that you did not claim using the UE secure email. Or you can send your request by regular mail or by fax. To submit by mail, send to: New York State Department of Labor, P.O. Box 15130, Albany, NY 12212-5130. To fax your request, send it to 1-518-457-9378. For all requests, include the beginning and ending dates of the time period for which you want to claim benefits and the reason you did not claim benefits then. If you send your request by regular mail or fax, include your name and the last four digits of your social security number. We will review your request and determine if a credit can be made. This can take up to six weeks. During this time, continue to claim benefits for any week(s) you are unemployed. Also, it is very important to respond right away if we call or write to you to ask for more information.

SO, YES you CAN claim benefits for a prior week if you missed your claim date, it just may take a while to get that money. KEEP claiming benefits as you normally would.. And.. whomever answered the first time, do research before answering.

Once more, because the reason a person certifies late can be different, here's a link to some official NY research material that is relevant to registering, reporting and certifying to receive benefits from the State of NY.

Jun 29, 2014
Missing a weekly claim
by: Anonymous


I do not agree with the answer you were given about not being able to collect benefits for a week you thought you had claimed. The answer you were given was you failed to claim your weekly benefits in a "timely manner". To me that sounds like a contradiction. Because NY State allows you to claim weekly benefits for the week prior to the current week. Example: if the current week ending is the 29th but you missed claiming your weekly benefits for the week ending the 22nd (which was obviously the previous week), you are allowed to claim that previous week. But wouldn't that still be a case where you did not claim your weekly benefits in a "timely manner"? Of course it is! Therefore, what is up with that answer you were given that you won't be able to receive benefits for a week that didn't work? If you didn't work the week you missed filing a weekly claim, it shouldn't matter when you claim for that week as long as its within the same benefit year. Therefore, I would take that one immediately if not sooner to a fair hearing in front of a judge.

Maybe this will help to support my answer as to why I think "forgetting" to certify is not going to be good enough for an appeal to show good cause for failing to certify for any week totally, or partially unemployed.

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