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Office Location location not on public transporation route. Is this good cause to quit a job?

by EAA

I would like to know if I would qualify for unemployment in NC if my current office location is moving and the new location is not on public transportation route. I do not drive and I currently ride bus to work which drops me off in front of current bldg. I have been employed here 2.5 yrs and within the next month the office is going to move to a location about 2 miles from the nearest bus stop. I spoke with manager, HR, and CFO of company about my problem with getting to and from this new location. I have tried all avenues presented to me but nothing seems set in stone. I do have a reliable ride to and from work but i would need to come in from 630am-3 but manager will not except this time. So I'm basically stuck because a cab to and from work would cost about $450-$500 per month if I have to come in my current time of 8-5 and i can not afford this. I do have documentation of emails i have sent out since june(6months ahead of move) but I am still getting no relief from manager and HR. There are positions in an adjacent bldg from my current location that I have asked to be considered for and would even take a lateral move money wise but nothing has come through with that either. I've been told not to quit by friends but I know its going to be hard trying to get the new location if my suggested time is not approved.


Well, gather up all the doucmentation (emails) you have sent to try to preserve your job.

Now I need to ask a question .. how far away from your home is the employer moving your office?

A quit with good cause must almost always need to be "attributable to the employer".

Moving the office you've worked in for the last 2.5 years to a new location which makes it impossible for you to get to might be good cause to quit because it is the employer altering the conditions of your work.

The distance of a job is relative to it the possibility of it becoming an unsuitable job when the employer changes location, but of course we have to also factor in that YOU are required to try to preserve the job with a sense of reasonableness.

Have you checked out the North Carolina unemployment decision precedents?

There might be a decision that's tailored made to answer your question definitively as to whether you have good cause to quit your job and collect unemployment benefits.

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