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Office Policy Changes without Notice and Office Managers Snarky Comments

by Amy

I have/had been employed for the last 7 3/4 years for a small clinic. There are only six employees and the office manager is the clinicians spouse. We have not had pay increases or even evaluations (as stated in office policy and procedures manual) in the office for six years.

Over the years I have had to come in to work even on my vacation without being compensated, drive in during the weekends while they were on vacation to pick up mail, take care of their cat, etc,. In the past if there were events beyond our control (power outage, air-conditioning failure) we have been given the day off with pay. With the exclusion of inclement weather.

Three weeks ago I had to move and this put me 44.3 miles from my place of employment (one-way), costing me $23.70 in fuel a day for work. Last week the power went out and we did as usual and went home. This happened again two days later and we were then told that we would not be paid for the days that there was power failure. I stated to the OM that it had not been thus way in the past, to which she replied well this is different times. So rather than make any money, it cost me money to go into the office that day. No one had contacted us to tell us of power outage, as it was the OM's day off. Even if she had been scheduled to work, she is always the last to show up for work so we wouldn't have been notified in any event.

I wanted to walk out that day but, I was afraid to because there had been numerous comments by OM and clinician that no one had ever collected unemployment benefits from their office in their 30+ year career, and they made sure no one ever did.

Then on Wednesday this week we did not have a practitioner for the office, the day before OM said if I needed to take off to handle personal matters (totaled my vehicle the previous Monday), that I could. When I came in for work on Thursday she was mad at me for not being there the day before. She was making snarky comments about me to other employees. One such statement being "no one should have to work in the office by themselves". Although, that is exactly what I had to do the month
before on 4/18/13.

I gave the office manager my list of 15+ security codes/passwords to the different systems I used and left everything that did not belong to me. Including a detailed way to continue billing as well as my key to the office.

Also, about 4-5 years ago it was noticed that a black mold was coming out of the duct work. We asked if this could be the reason for our allergies and chronic respiratory problems. To which the answer was "it's not mold". This year they had someone come in and clean the duct work and it was confirmed that it was black mold. They are now in the process of selling the clinic and have not told the people purchasing that there is a problem with mold.

These are just a few of the reasons I quit, I have a list that could go on!!!

Will I be able to draw unemployment?

Hi Amy,

You do know I do not .. cannot offer definitive yes or no answers when someone ask if they will collect unemployment, but give educated guesses. Mostly, because I've read thousands upon thousands of voluntary quit determinations and hearing decisions discussing that pesky burden to prove good cause.

Although I get your why and can't say the snarky comments wouldn't of caused me to do the same, if it were me, I wouldn't be counting on unemployment benefits being allowed.

The employer can change any policy they want.

Violations of the FLSA (working without compensation) should of been addressed with the employer the first time it happened, or reported to those who take wage complaints in your state .. when the problems occurred.

The black mold danger (gross) was finally addressed by the employer (and I have know idea if it was the "bad" kind). As indicative as the deceit of not revealing it to a buyer may be though, it will be the new owner's issue and completely irrelevant to the reason you quit.

You quit impulsively because of the change in policy causing you financial harm after moving of your own volition and because the snarkiness piled on top of everything else cause you to make a rash and impulsive decision to quit .. without being able to PROVE good cause.

But like I said, it is only my opinion you will not receive unemployment benefits.

But, I do wish you much luck and hope you find a new job soon.


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