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Ohio - accept work offered?

Laid off indefinately 5/29

called back to work week of 7/6
called back to work week of 7/13
asked if I wanted to work week of 7/20 in South Carolina for a couple weeks to help out another plant - can I turn this down based upon 4141.29 Eligibility of Benefits due to the location of the job? I only traveled overnight one night in all my previous time with the company and the position being offered is NOT the same as I currently (and in past) held.


I'm pretty sure you could turn it down, but I want you to read what I read to give you this answer and decide for yourself.

Click Nonmonetary and then go to the lower half of page 25 "Refusal of work". The information continues through page 30.

The issue of refusal of work can vary a lot from state to state, so it's always a good idea to investigate what is considered "suitable work" and what a state says can make work unsuitable.

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