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Ohio Resident, worked in Pennsylvania and laid off by a Pennsylvania corporation.

by Jeani

I'm not sure which state I need to contact regarding unemployment benefits.

My situation:

I am an Ohio resident and was employed by a Pennsylvania corporation last year. I worked solely in Pennsylvania (5-day week, home to Ohio on weekends) and paid Pennsylvania state and local taxes.

Now the Pennsylvania corporation has laid me off in a downsizing.

Which state do I contact to file for unemployment benefits; the State of Ohio (residence) OR State of Pennsylvania (state of company I worked for and state I worked in).

Thank for any help!

hi Jeani,

You could file in either state because it's a PA employer who paid the taxes. If you file in Ohio they would just be acting as the agent state for the liable state which is PA.

Personally, I would file in PA because they pay more and I just wouldn't trust a state to always get it right. If Ohio paid more .. I'd say file there in case they did make a mistake:)

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