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ohio unemployement - If I get laid off who pays for the unemployment benefits.

by Anonymous

The company that i had work for was sold. I would like to know if i work for the new company and get laid off who would i get unemployment under?

Hi Anonymous,

It depends on when you file. The wages you earn in your base period determine your weekly benefit amount. And who gets charged for those benefits is an employer's issue which you do not need to concern yourself with .. unless you're just interested.

I suspect if you are still working the same job, but the company has been sold, the benefits may be charged to both the former and present employer, if the wages in your base period are from both employers.

If you are laid off, both separations will be seen as a lack of work. The first one is a lack of work because the business was sold and you now have a "new job" with your present employer.

The former employer's account is now probably a predecessor/successor thingamagiggy.

Your question is really a tax question .. and I'm not a unemployment tax specialist. I do know Ohio provides employers with opportunity to be non-charged by pulling your benefits out of a "mutualized account". But this won't happen in your case because a layoff is chargeable to an employer.

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