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Ohio unemployment and going back to school...

by Laura
(Erlanger Ky)

I am receiving unemployment in Ohio, but I live in Ky. I am going to school now, and I am scared that my unemployment benefits will be cut off if I tell them I am going to school! I was also told that I have to go the One Stop Shop in the KY county that I live in (which is Kenton county KY)to tell them I am going to school. Because of me having to go to the One Stop Shop in KY... does that mean that I have to go by KY's rules or OH?? I know people in KY that are allowed to go to school on unemployment and are exempted form looking for work while in school!! Just don't know what to do...

Hi Laura,

Clearly, you need to get it handled. What you do not want happening is for either KY or Ohio to find out you are going to school and notice that you haven't reported the fact on your continuing claims .. that would look like fraud.

If you have received a federal grant of are going to school on a federal loan .. they will definitely find out at some point.

Whether it is Ohio's law or KY law that controls the issue of school attendance .. it doesn't matter and would be a simple matter of just asking someone at the onestop.

The purpose I had when addressing unemployment and school aside from the fact that unemployment can be a perfect time to go back to school is that you should also be very proactive in heading off the kind of possible trouble you might be headed for.

The unemployment issue when it comes to school is always whether you are "able and available for work".

If you know people who don't have to look for work while attending school .. it's because they have been approved for training benefits .. which suspends the job searching requirements that are always a condition to collect unemployment.

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Oct 17, 2010
Ohio benefits while attending school
by: seattlep

I am attending school and living in Washington State AND collecting unemployment from the state of Ohio. They are aware of this and have approved it. I am in the last year of my Bachelor's degree. I left the university 15 years ago and only have one year left to complete and Ohio has okayed me doing this.

I was attending a different school before, returning to the university and I was still eligible for unemployment in Ohio. Ultimately, what I suggest you do is disclose to them that you are attending school. I think they as about the program and how long it will be. I believe you should still be able to collect unemployment.

Best wishes!

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