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Ohio Unemployment - Fired for being rude to co-workers

by Gwen Queen
(New Boston, Ohio. USA)

I've been told that I can be fired not once, but twice because of the way people see me. I don't talk much but when I do I'm to the point.

Sunday I had to open the photo Lab alone for the first time. Two girls from a department came over. I asked the first one if she knew how to bring up screen 2 on the printer pc. She said no but I will figure it out. Then the other girl came in and they both were messing the the posser and printer, this is not their department. They called another girl on the phone that was to come in at a later time. I got the posser working on my own, then they went back to their department.

After my lunch I was called in the office and told that I was rude to the girls and that I shouldn't have asked them to come over there. And I shouldn't have called any one on the phone. I told the ass. manager that I didn't do that. She said I was rude to the girls and can be fired. I told her if I was I will go and tell them that I'm sorry for that. Which I did, but that's not going to stop me from being fired.

Hi Gwen,

Have you ever been warned before for being rude to co-workers?

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