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On employment but found a job and have to quit for my kids

by Tab

I am currently collecting unemployment in Washington,dc I was offered a job and took it I only been there a week but I have 2 special needs children who I get ssi for. My dad took my daughter for a while to give me a break to get my foot in the door at the new job and she was going to stay with him until her admission date to a hospital in pennsylvania but my dad brought her back and said it was too much for him. So know I need to quit my job to watch her until the government grants the permission to take her across state line. Can I still collect my unemployment because my daughter cannot be left alone at home and I need to watch her until I am able to check her in. My daughter is also not compliant with her meds which is why she is going into the hospital because she is too much for me to handle and take care of my son as well who is mentally retarded and with all the dr appts I just can't keep this job or any job until my daughter is gone.

Basically, you are saying you're no longer able and available to work .. therefore unemployment benefits are out of the question now.

Not to mention you've voluntarily quit.

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