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On the verge of being fired

by Michelle

I am on the verge of being fired. I've been working for the company for 5 years, but have recently been assigned to a new manager. She has a really bad memory and would verbally tell me that she is "taking care" of some items, but when they didn't get done, would blame me. Unfortunately, I have no proof that it's not my fault. Yes, I've made other mistakes, but now my manager scrutinizes them and has given me a written warning about my poor job performance. I've never been written up in my 5 years there, in fact I won employee of the year 2 years ago. I think my manager is unfairly blaming me for mistakes that she's made and then using other mistakes that I've made as a reason to fire me. My manager is also always dropping hints that I should quit (probably because it's easier for me to quit than to fire me).

The work environment is so hostile that I don't even want to work there anymore. But I feel that I need to make a case to the EDD so that I can qualify for unemployment. Are there any steps that I can take now before my employment is terminated?

Hi Michelle,

Yes, start counter-documenting now. Take your concerns to those you are supposed to take them to. If you feel you are being harassed and or the victim of a hostile work environment .. take action.

Keep a personal log of what happens, who you talked to, emailed, requested a meeting from ..

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