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Online File was approved - Snail Mail letter same day, stated I'm not.

I hired on with a company out of Jacksonville back in 04/09. I'm a Louisiana resident, but came over to the Panama City area to work with this Jacksonville co. until 2/10.

I was laid off on the 26th of Feb, 2010 and started my unemployment claim online today. After the online instruction, I was "approved" - Nonetheless throughout my day, I do believe that I will receive a check come a few days; Well after a trip to the mailbox this afternoon, it just so happens that a letter states that I am not approved.

The letter sent from Workforce Innovation dept seems to think I haven't worked at the right times. According to the letter which is called a "Wage Transcript and Determination" form, (lmao) - It states that my base period is from 10/01/08 to 9/30/09 and my total wage credits are $22.570.50. All of which were earned in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of 09.

On the phone I spoke with them and they said I am not eligible until APRIL 1st 2010, because they stop looking at the 2008 year come April and start looking at the full 2009 year, thus becoming eligible.

Is this true? Will I be eligible come April? Am I actually eligible now? Will it be a severe headache to "re-apply/re-certify" come April 1st providing I'm eligible?


La. Cajun

Hi Cajun,

Oh gosh, I hate monetary questions.

Let's start with Florida's monetary qualifying formula. Almost all states base the WBA on the high quarter earnings .. but they also require that you have wages also outside of the HQ.

Florida's minimum amount that you must have earned in your high quarter is $2267 and you must have at least 1.5 times that amount .. or $3400 in your base period. Effectively this means the difference has to be in another quarter of earnings.

Right now it looks like you do have two quarter of earnings in your base period .. so the question I have is how much you earned in the quarter 4/1/09 through 6/30/09.

It must not amount to 1.5 times the earnings you had from July 1 through Sept 30 2009.

Come April 1st the last quarter of the base period will drop off the base period and will then include what you earned from Oct the Dec. 09 and you'll be good to go.

I hope this helps you understand enough to figure out if FL made a mistake or not.

This is just one of the reasons we should all save out paystubs and paperclip them by quarters:) so we can double-check "wage transcripts" which are not always correct.

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