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Original UI application reason for separation -attendance issues


You filed an appeal on 00/00/0000 against Determination ID # 0000000
You may wish to print this screen for your records. If you wish to withdraw your appeal, click the "Withdraw" button below. If you wish to provide any additional information, it must be provided to the ODJFS Appeals Unit by 00/00/2013. You should include your determination number and your appeal confirmation number on all correspondence sent to the ODJFS Appeals Unit.

I contacted my previous supervisor on 00/00/0000 at 00:00pm to clarify the employers reason for termination: The employer stated -progressive discipline "a mixture-it all added up"
I am appealing the decision of Ohio Department Of Job And Family
Based on this fact finding.
On October 00, 0000 -I was at the Podiatric Associates Of Northwest Ohio for surgery to my left great toe, this surgery and the days prior, left me unable to walk.
On January 00, 0000 -I was at the Podiatric Associates Of Northwest Ohio for surgery to my right great toe, this surgery and the days prior, left me unable to walk.
These occurrences were counted in as disciplinary actions, even though a doctors excuse was provided.
Also counted in disciplinary actions is a written warning for taking a 3 minute break- 5 minutes prior to shift change, shift change in nursing usually takes half hour to complete. I had not taken a lunch break all day-which all employees are entitled to. I was on my way out the employee exit when the administrator stopped me and said "where are you going" I replied "for a quick break" he said "you can't take a break now" I said "why not" he appeared to have looked at his watch, I knew the time, and I also knew that I would be back for shift change on time, and I knew of no policy regarding break times, I thought he was joking, so I proceeded to go a take a 3 minute break-in which I was back inside for shift change on time. When I was counseled regarding this issue a written warning was issued, which in fact I refused to sign due to the fact that there is no policy stating the times at which an employee may take a break. I did request to see a copy of this policy
for myself and other employees who I was sure were not aware, no policy could be provided. I do not believe this incident should have resulted in disciplinary action.
Also on the last day in question for disciplinary action received:
January 00, 0000-My friends' vehicle was in the auto shop being repaired, so we were carpooling-We drove my vehicle to his place of employment at 4am we left-arrived at 4:30am-he proceeded to go in while I attempted to start my vehicle and head to my place of emloyment. My vehicle would not start-he would be the only party whom could normally provide assistance in an emergency such as that. It was pouring rain, dark 4:30 in the morning. I do have at least 7 witnesses to this incident as my friend and his co-workers were trying to assist me in getting my vehicle started. It did finally start, I was scared, alone and did not feel I could safely make it to work, so I called my place of employment at 4:51am and explained my circumstances as to why I wouldn't be able to make it.
When counseled regarding this incident I received 2 written warnings.
A written warning for the absence.
As well as a written warning for not notifying the facility in a timely matter.
Unfortunately I did not anticipate not being able to go to work, making it impossible to provide timely notice.
My decision to call off was not without hesitation-but my safety at the time superseded all other.

These occurrences made an impact on my disciplinary file ultimately -resulting in my termination. I ask for further review into this matter as I feel my termination was unjust. I don't believe theses circumstances reveal a pattern of disciplinary action. Employed at this facility for 3 years 9 months I have received yearly employee reviews indicating a strong work ethic. Have gained many strong references from co-workers, as well as supervisors-and they are in agreement with myself that my termination was unjust. This unjust termination has made it very difficult for me to obtain further employment.

I'm not sure what you want to hear from me .. if anything .. so I'll keep it short.

Nothing like keeping an unemployment appeal letter simple and focused on the reason for it.


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