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Out of state unemployment question

(Indiana Unemployment Benefits)

Hello my name is April and I moved from Indiana to Tennessee on October 2010 for a job. The new company that I worked for went out of business and I was laid off at the end of August, 2011. I moved back to Indiana in September of 2011 and started a new job through a temporary agency that same month. I was informed from this company that there is a possibility that I will be laid off in January 2012. Will I be able to apply for unemployment and if so which state, Tennessee or Indiana?

Answer: This should be about the impact of temporary jobs

Hi April,

Since you're in Indiana, that's the state I suggest you apply in ..

Any claim in any state will have to locate where the wages were earned in the base period and it's best to let the state determine what you should do next if they come back and tell you to apply in TN.

However, it's because you work a temp job .. you'd better find out why a layoff from a temp job you acquired through a temp agency might not really be your typical layoff.

It's all about special voluntary quit provisions for temp workers. And yes, Indiana has one of these.

Since I think your question asked about the least of your worries and was basically about an administrative function between the states for combined wage claims and/or interstate claims, I've moved your question to those about working temporary jobs and what everyone needs to be aware of.

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