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by Linda Grayer
(warren ohio, trumbull)

my name is linda grayer, i was layed off from my job on 12/21/08 i filed for unemployment on 12/22/08, I was denied because of holiday pay christmas, new years, so i didn't get any pay until 1/17/09, for the amount of 581.68, that was because of week waiting period,and one week following, they are telling me i was over payed 306.00 i went back two work on 2/16/09. ANNALIST OF OHIO

Hi Linda,

You can appeal the overpayment determination if you think it is incorrect.

I am not in a position to determine whether the determination is correct or not. The state has access to your wage records and your certifications for continuing benefits. Is it possible that when you returned to work they overpaid you for that week?

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