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I think it'a a joke they screen everyone to the point they're looking for a way to deny benefits. When they can't deny they allow payments to continue under the next tier extension. At some later point they scream overpayment and make it difficult for you to dispute their findings much less win! I paid into unemployment insurance benefits for 30 years. Now they want to deny I was entitled to them AFTER they said I was! I feel they do this in anticipation of the next tier extension and with malice try to deny the benefit! I have had more issues with Florida and their bass ackwards way of paying legitimate claims. I didn't rape the US economy nor did I permit so many jobs to leave the country, why is it I'm having to suffer for a system that was perhaps drained in the past to pay for other entitlements? It would appear FL is trying to run off more of the very people that pay into the program! Good Job Florida...

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