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Overseas Job Loss

by Scott Corey
(New Jersey)

I quit my job 1.5 years ago. I left because the company was having trouble paying, and the raise they offered me after one year did not cover inflation. This is after I was working nights and weekends with no overtime pay.

I quit because I got a job overseas. The job had a one year contract, and they were not able to renew due to financial difficulties. I am now back in america in a pretty bad job market.

Is there any way I can apply for unemployment benefits?


You can apply .. anyone can apply.

And since you didn't answer all the questions I have as to whether you will qualify .. my suggestion is to apply and let the state make the monetary determination .. which is based on wages paid in "covered employment".

You must have sufficient wages in your base period and they must have been earned in covered employment.

What I don't know is whether your work overseas was in covered employment. It all depends on the company you worked for .. whether it was an
American company or not .. if they paid UI taxes on your earnings .. "that is what makes employment "covered".

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