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Overwhelming commute, I thought I was doing what was safe for me and others

by Grace

I’m in a very vulnerable state right now. I’m struggling trying to stay afloat with my life and my business.

Some time ago I decided it was best for me to go back to work to help raise funds for my business, but the commute ended up being too much for me to handle.

Several times I’ve fell asleep and realized I couldn’t continue the long and overwhelming commute much longer, so I finally quit thinking I was making the best decision for my own and others safety.

I recently filed for unemployment and had just been notified that I was disqualified for benefits due to my reasons for quitting being good personal cause, but not for collecting benefits.

I felt like a failure with great disappointment in myself….I felt like quitting everything in my life. But, being the persistent person that I am, I needed to research what my options were for an unemployment appeal and I found Chris.

Chris treated me the way I’ve always treated others; with respect and professionalism, yet still personable enough to sympathize with my circumstances.

She explained the unemployment things to me in such a clear and comprehensive way it allowed me to understand my situation better in why I was considered disqualified.

She knows the laws of unemployment for many states and was resourceful in researching other information within seconds. Although the end result for me did not change, I shouldn't appeal, the call ended between us with me feeling so much better about me and my situation.

Chris even encouraged me to continue on my path with my business and not to give up. She was very informative about my benefit issues….she was very patient with me in my emotional distraught…she answered any and all questions I had and needed to ask in order to put this behind me in order to move forward.

At the point of saying our good-byes, we were laughing and I was in good spirit ready to give it all another shot. The time Chris spent with me was a gift, the best kind of gift anyone can offer another.

Thank you Chris

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Our conversation Grace
by: Chris -


Our conversation about your unemployment disqualification being an understandable and valid one to me was only one half of a conversation I have frequently.

But the rest of it Grace, is also as rewarding and as important as those victory talks I have when someone lets me know they won their appeal hearing.

The whole thing I do--letting people know when they shouldn't let benefits get away from them due to reasons having only to do with what they may not know can sometimes, pale when I compare to what happens to me, for me, when the conversation turns deeper and touches on some of the things we all have in common with each other at different stages in our lives.

We all dream and it takes real energy and motivation to push our dreams into reality.

My thought, we had a conversation that was full of grace .. Gracie.

All my best always,


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