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PA unemployment

by Steve
(Houston, TX)

I have been hired by a previous employer based in PA as a non benefited contractor. They previously had an offic in TX which I worked out of. Now that office is closed!

. Now my questions.
Am I now (as a sub contractor) eligible for unemployment benefits after my employment is terminated?
Does texas unemployment law apply or Pensylvania unemployment law? Since the Texas office was closed I am assuming it would be PA?
I believe since my employer has a history of not wanting to pay benefits after employment was terminated is looking for a loop hole to get out of paying mine.
Please advise.

Hi Steve,

If you want me to advise based upon your very specific situation .. I would clearly, have to ask questions of you specific to you.

I can tell you that the laws that would apply would be the state which collected the unemployment tax on the wages you were paid.

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