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part time hours taken away for the past 3 weeks in Florida

by Judith Cebula
(Delray Beach,Fl)

i have worked part time for the past 3 years approx 10-12 hours per week. my employer has not given me any hours for the past 3 weeks and will more than likey not give me any hours until december. am i eligable for benefits? i work in Florida

You might be Judith. If monetarily qualify and if Florida will allow you to collect benefits even if you don't search for "full-time work".

Florida, as far as I know, does not have a part-time worker provision per say, but the United States Department of Labor's Non monetary chartbook says it is open to interpretation .. so there must be a precedent somewhere .. of course Florida doesn't provide "unemployment precedents online .. at least none that I can find.

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