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part time no hours

by character
(FL Unemployment Benefits)

i am currently working for a well known place of business and "magic". i can't divulge the name at this time due to contracts i've signed that keep me from doing so. anyway i've been with them for at least four months now and have only worked a total of one month, if that. i have not been scheduled for two weeks, going on my third! i have a 9 month old baby that needs to eat as well as myself and bills that aren't going to pay themselves! i've been looking for other jobs but the economy is so bad that there just are no places hiring at this time. i'm even trying to see if i can make money on line but that just seems like a brick wall leading to another brick wall! i just don't know what else to do!

Hi Character:))

Lemme see .. can I guess where you work .. you live in FL at some place that offers "magic".

Must be better to be a tourist than an employee there.

Here's what I need to ask.

What were you told about the hours when you accepted the job?

Do you have an existing claim .. or have you already exhausted all tiers of EB's.

As far as those brick walls with an online income go .. please .. just don't get hooked up with anyone responsible for all those spam emails I get from former visitors to this site.

It wasn't that hard for me to figure out how to earn money online once it was explained to me differently than it's quick, easy and free. Good luck with that.

What it really is .. persistent focused work, time and your willingness to share some knowledge you may have .. that people want and search for.

And of course, a little imagination to see the potential for making a living from it.


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