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Part time temp work

by Alice
(Woodland, Ca, USA)

If I was to accept PT temp work of 6 months how would that effect my unemployment benefits? This would be approximately 20 hours a week.

What is the rule of how much you can earn or how long you can work as a Part time temp employee before you are considered employed and lose benefits?

Hi Alice,

I think what you want to know is whether you will be entitled to partial unemployment benefits while working a part-time job. You can find the formula here for California partial unemployment benefits (table 3-8).

And even if you earn too much in the part-time job to collect a partial benefit amount. I don't see any reason you would not be able to collect the same full amount again when the temp job ends .. unless your benefit year expires during the middle of your part-time job.

See this long thread about California unemployment benefits and temporary jobs warning.

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